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Registration of Domestic Partnership

Domestic Partnership Lawyers in California

Are you in a same sex relationship in California that you and your partner would like to elevate to the next legal level? A domestic partnership might be right for you, especially if same sex marriage seems too great a commitment or the wrong fit. Our Los Angeles family law attorneys at Claery & Hammond, LLP would be honored to help you understand your options and navigate the legal scene with ease.

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Walking You Through the Registration Process

Domestic partner registration allows for same sex couples to enjoy many of the same benefits as married couples without actually having to be married. There are many benefits that those entering a domestic partnership can enjoy, which are similar to the legal and tax benefits that accompany marriage. There is also the option to be both in a same sex marriage and a domestic partnership. However, registration itself provides no status or direct benefits, but by having this legal means of recognition, certain businesses and companies may offer up more benefits to the couple.

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Under California law, domestic partner registration is for same sex couples 18 or older and who will live together and accept all responsibility for each other's living expenses. In effect, two people entering into a domestic partnership are committing to one another, morally, emotionally, and legally. When done correctly, a domestic partner registration will come with benefits.

The benefits of domestic partner registration are as follows:

  • Registry can be used as an affidavit of partnership by the California Public Employees Retirement System to extend health coverage to a member's partner.
  • Registry allows for hospital visitation and medical decisions in certain situations where one partner is incapacitated.
  • Allows a partner to sue for the wrongful death of the other partner.
  • One partner can legally adopt the other's child.
  • Property can be willed from one partner to the other.
  • An individual can relocate with a domestic partner without losing unemployment benefits.
  • A domestic partner may use sick leave to care for the other's family.
  • A domestic partner can administer the other partner's estate.

As can be seen, the benefits of domestic partnership are noticeable enough to definitely make the option worth considering. Let our California domestic partnership attorneys know your relationship wishes and we can let you know how to begin with registration. We can be your trusted legal guides from start to finish, handling any complications that may come your way.

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