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Legal Separation of Domestic Partners

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If you are in a domestic partnership and are contemplating a legal separation, you should speak with a same sex advocacy lawyer at Claery & Hammond, LLP today. As a family law firm with an intentional focus on the rights of LGBTQ+ community members, our California attorneys have experience handling a wide range of legal matters and how some might be different for same sex couples. A skilled attorney from our firm can apply years of legal experience to handling your legal separation process with care and effectiveness.

As part of your legal separation, we will want to discuss:

  • Shared property
  • Separate assets
  • Child custody or support options
  • Visitation agreements

Even though you are not dissolving your domestic partnership or filing for a same sex divorce, you can still consider all options that would come up in those situations, such as spousal support and relocation. The process of acquiring a legal separation can be complex. Prepare your case with our team to take out the guesswork and move forward with confidence.

Petitions for Legal Separation

In order for domestic partners to become legally separated without actually terminating the partnership, a Petition for Legal Separation of Domestic Partners must be filed. This petition is a formal request by one partner to the Superior Court for the Court to divide the community property and debts between the partners, as well as to make orders regarding child custody and financial support when necessary. The similarities between a legal separation for domestic partners and married couples are varied and many.

Unlike dissolution of domestic partnership, a legal separation of domestic partners does not terminate the domestic partnership and it does not restore the partners to the status of un-partnered persons. Until the domestic partnership is actually terminated, and you are restored to the status of an un-partnered person, you will not be allowed to enter into another domestic partnership. In a legal separation, the court will financially separate you and your domestic partner, and it will also decide the custody of any minor children of your domestic partnership, how your possessions and obligations will be divided, and if any support will be paid from one partner to the other in the same way as a dissolution.

Despite the court's influence over the final decisions in your legal separation, you still have the option to put forth your ideas and argue to have them respected. This is just one of the many reasons why it is crucial to work with a California family lawyer from Claery & Hammond. While you focus on other aspects of your life, we can do all the legwork in your legal separation case.

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