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Dissolution of Domestic Partnership

California Domestic Partnership Attorney

If you are interested in dissolving a registered same-sex domestic partnership in California, you can rely on Claery & Hammond, LLP and our Los Angeles family law attorneys. We are dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation to same sex couples in California for a number of legal matters, including the dissolution of domestic partnerships. Our same sex advocacy lawyers are well-versed in California's domestic partnership laws and will help you work through the hard decisions that must be made during this time.

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Some situations involving the dissolution of domestic partnerships can be relatively simple and straightforward while others can get complicated and stressful, like child custody and property division concerns.

A few questions to ask and review before continuing include:

  • Who should get what pieces of property?
  • What is the financial situation of each domestic partner?
  • Would the children prefer to live with one domestic partner in particular?
  • How will a visitation schedule coincide with work schedules?

In situations where a couple has smaller amounts of community property and debt, and have been together for a time period of less than five years, the partners may be able to file a Notice of Termination form with the California Secretary of State. Once this is done, the domestic partnership will be dissolved, removing each partner's legal responsibility to the other. We have the legal know-how to complete the paperwork and handle the case, no matter its intricacies.

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Our California domestic partnership attorneys are prepared to help you with sensitive dissolution agreements. We are also up-to-speed with all same sex marriage laws. In many situations, same sex couples are both married and joined together through a domestic partnership. We can dissolve one, the other, or both, depending on your desires. You deserve a happy, stress-free tomorrow. Our lawyers genuinely want to be the legal team that helps you make this a reality.

For more information about dissolution of domestic partnerships, contact a California domestic partnership lawyer at Claery & Hammond.

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