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Child Custody Disputes

California Same Sex Child Custody & Visitation Attorneys

At Claery & Hammond, LLP, our Los Angeles family lawyers handle situations involving child custody and visitation for same sex couples as well as LGBTQ+ individuals not in a relationship or recently divorced. Child custody and visitation will be determined based upon the best interests of the child, not that of the parents. This legal mandate acts as the groundwork when our attorneys work on your case and construct your argument to use before the court or during negotiations.

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  • We have thorough experience in the field.
  • We focus on domestic partnership and same sex marriage laws.
  • We are compassionate and understanding allies of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • We are backed by a history of positive case results.

Whether you want to vie for sole child custody after separating from your domestic partner, or if you want to get joint custody after divorcing a same sex spouse in California, we can be the law firm that guides you through the process. Request a free case evaluation with our firm to begin.

Effective Solutions After Separating or Divorcing

Another issue frequently affecting same sex couples is when two partners sharing custody of a child separate or terminate their domestic partnership or go through a same sex divorce. The laws regarding these type of situations are still relatively new and widely misunderstood. If you and your partner are considering separating or have already taken legal action to separate or dissolve your domestic partnership, a lawyer from our firm will help you with child custody and visitation arrangements.

Same sex couples may have a shared child who is the biological child of either partner or who is adopted. In either case, your attorney will work to help you and your partner come up with a custody or visitation arrangement that will suit everyone's needs, especially the child's. Remember: the child's best interests is considered first and foremost.

One partner of a same-sex couple who has shared parenting responsibilities will need legal help to assert and protect their bond with a child when a relationship ends. The California same sex divorce attorneys at our firm represent biological parents as well as non-biological parents in custody disputes between same sex partners or spouses. For the non-biological same sex partner who is a parental figure in a child's life, it will be crucial to file a case for visitation or shared custody as soon as possible.

Contact a California same sex advocacy attorney at Claery & Hammond today to discuss any issue you may be having regarding child custody or visitation.

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