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California Domestic Partnership Attorney

Protecting the Rights of LGBTQ+ Couples

Same sex couples who register as a domestic partnership in California, rather than exploring their right to same sex marriage, will be able to enjoy benefits similar to those granted to married couples. By working with an experienced Los Angeles family law attorney from Claery & Hammond, LLP, same sex couples can take the necessary steps towards forming a domestic partnership.

We understand that same sex couples who have built families, shared assets, and provided substantially to their communities may need legal assistance when seeking benefits that the state has to offer. We know the unique nuances in domestic partnership terminations, custody agreements, and more. You can rest easy while our team works tirelessly to assist you in understanding, exercising, or even protecting your rights.

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One Law Firm Handling All Domestic Partnership Cases

Claery & Hammond can help with a large variety of domestic partnership and same sex marriage cases and petitions:

  • Registration of Domestic Partnership: California recognizes domestic partnerships for same sex couples under California Family Code section 297. Same sex couples who use domestic partnership are offered similar benefits to marriage and same sex marriage.
  • Termination of Domestic Partnership: Terminating a partnership restores the couple to the status that they were before they applied for the domestic partnership. According to the California law, the division of property and assets may happen. Termination does not dissolve the partnership.
  • Same Sex Marriage: Perhaps a domestic partnership is not what you and your same sex partner would enjoy. Consider taking your relationship to the next legal level with legalized same sex marriage.
  • Same Sex Divorce: The same rules of a divorce of an opposite sex couple apply to the divorce of a same sex couple. It is still recommended you explore your options with a California same sex family law attorney.
  • Dissolution of Domestic Partnership: Dissolution of a partnership has 13 requirements to actually dissolve the agreed partnership. Learn more about the requirements and how to dissolve your domestic partnership here.
  • Annulment of Domestic Partnership or Same Sex Marriage: Annulling domestic partnerships allows the couple involved in the partnership to void the partnership restore both partners to the statuses held as they entered into the agreement. Annulments works similarly to recently completed same sex marraiges.
  • Legal Separation: A legal separation does not end a marriage or a domestic partnership, but does separate finances and property. This is a legal matter than does need the guidance of an experienced attorney.
  • Estate Planning for Domestic Partners and Same Sex Couples: Planning for your future in estate planning is important. You do not want to leave your property, assets, and loved ones at the mercy of the California court system. Be prepared for the unexpected by creating a living trust or a drafted a will.
  • Cohabitation Agreements: Unmarried couples in California should set up a cohabitation agreement to create legal protections. Cohabitation agreements govern certain expectations such as finances and property. Agreements are most legally sound when written by a lawyer.
  • Domestic Partner or Same Sex Marriage Adoption: Same sex couples who are looking to start a family tend to use into adoptions programs to make it happen. California tends to approve adoption petitions filed by married couples, same sex married couples, or those in a domestic partnership. The adoptions can be as a step-parent adopting a partner's child from another marriage or for the couple to do adopt a non-biological child of their own.
  • Custody & Visitation: Child custody is always determined in the best interest of the child. Visitation and custody laws governing them are similar to opposite sex laws. Be sure you are ready to stand up for your rights to be a parent.
  • Same Sex Domestic Violence: Same sex domestic violence is a serious problem. Some studies show that 1 in 4 gay men will experience some sort of domestic violence, either physical, emotional, sexual, or even financial. Domestic violence in any case can be punishable by prison time, fines, mandatory behavioral therapy, and more.

Domestic Partnership Lawyer in California

At Claery & Hammond, our California domestic partnership attorneys understand the emotional distress associated with legal issues surrounding same sex couples. We have heard many stories from clients of other law firms mishandling a case, or taking not taking it seriously enough. We are unwaveringly devoted to helping our clients fight for their rights, plan out their futures, and start better chapters in their lives.

We are able to help our clients, no matter their background or situation. We stand ready as advocates for the gay, lesbian, and transgender community – you can be confident working with us knowing that we will do everything in our power to help you.

Contact a California domestic partnership lawyer from our firm to learn more about how we can help you with your domestic partnerships or same sex marriage case.

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