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Same Sex Domestic Violence

Los Angeles Family Law Lawyers

Domestic violence is defined by California as violence between spouses, domestic partners, family members or, cohabitants of a single living space. Abuse does not always have to be physical in nature for it to be extremely harmful. Law enforcement agencies are instructed to take all reports of domestic violence seriously, and so should you.

If you are in a same sex relationship and facing domestic violence and abuse, please take action to remove yourself from the situation. If you are in immediate physical danger, contact the authorities for help as soon as it is safe to do so. Never do anything to jeopardize your health and wellbeing.

When you are safe and sound, you can contact Claery & Hammond, LLP and talk to our California same sex advocacy attorneys about what to do next. We can assist you in exploring legal options to further protect yourself from harm, including filing for a domestic violence restraining order. (DVTROS)

We can be contacted online or reached by dialing 877.362.3176.

Forms of Domestic Violence

Physical violence is clearly the most dangerous form of domestic abuse. It is not, however, the most common. Persistent domestic abuse is generally nonphysical but also damaging and emotional painful. Restraining and protective orders can be used to stop any form of domestic abuse.

Types of domestic violence include:

  • Physical: Striking, kicking, shoving, and so on are all characteristic of physical domestic violence. Some may even throw objects during arguments. If you are the victim of physical domestic abuse, once again, please take all appropriate steps to remove yourself from that situation. No one deserves to be abused.
  • Emotional: Many people in unhealthy relations are victimized by emotional abuse that is meant to belittle, scare, intimidate, or otherwise upset them. Emotional abuse is often characterized by the underlying agenda to make the victim feel entirely dependent on the abuser.
  • Sexual: Unwanted sexual advances are another form of domestic violence that might never escalate to actual physical violence or a sex crime. Trying to guilt a partner into sexual activities is a common form of sexual domestic abuse.
  • Financial: Same sex couples that share finances must do so with trust and fairness. Financial domestic abuse can occur when one partner exploits the other to make unnecessary purchases, or directly takes money from their partner's account to deposit into their own.

Restraining Orders for Same Sex Couples

Domestic violence may be most often associated with married couples or family members, but it is also an issue for same sex couples and domestic partnerships as well. Obtaining a restraining order as soon as possible may be the best way to maintain your safety if your domestic partner or same sex spouse is harming you.

Some restraining orders will be able to:

  • Limit where the targeted individual can go.
  • Decide when they can go to other locations.
  • Restrict with who they can associate.
  • Remove all gun carrying rights for the duration of the restraining order.

All restraining orders will have a limited duration when first created, usually not more than a week or two. Our California family lawyers can help you present a case to a judge to have your order become permanent. Contact our firmfor additional information about utilizing orders of protection.

Fair Representation for the Accused

Not all restraining orders are filed necessarily. Indeed, people in domestic partnerships and same sex marriages may try to gain an advantage over their significant other in a separation or divorce by falsifying claims of domestic violence. Since law enforcement must take all claims seriously, someone accused of domestic violence will likely be arrested even if there is no evidence of abuse at all.

A single arrest on a person's record for domestic violence can be devastating for their personal reputation. A family law court judge overseeing a same sex divorce or domestic partnership termination could be influenced by the arrest record and act in the other partner's favor. Our California same sex domestic violence attorneys are also dedicated to helping those falsely accused of domestic violence to challenge their restraining orders and clear their name.

Request a free case evaluation with our firm today, whether you need help filing or defending against a restraining order.

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