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California Same Sex Domestic Violence Attorneys

Restraining Orders for Domestic Violence

Gay and lesbian couples face the same issues that all other couples face, including domestic violence. Domestic violence is defined as violence between spouses, domestic partners, family members or cohabitants (people who live together.) This may be physical, sexual or emotional in nature and can result in serious injury or even death to the victim. For this reason, all cases involving domestic violence are taken very seriously in California. A victim can seek a restraining order to obtain legal protection from further violence or contact from the offender.

You will benefit from consulting a compassionate and experienced attorney about your legal matter if it involves domestic violence or a restraining order. You may be unsure of what rights you have in filing or defending yourself against a restraining order, but an attorney can shed light on this for you so you can take immediate action to protect your future.

At Cleary & Green, we are attorneys dedicated to helping gay and lesbian couples with the many legal issues that may arise in obtaining a domestic partnership or dealing with family law matters. Domestic violence is one of these. By talking to a California domestic violence lawyer at our firm, you can find out exactly what you need to know about restraining orders so you can make an informed decision about your case.

Restraining Orders & Domestic Violence for Same Sex Couples

Domestic violence may be most often associated with married couples or family members, but it may also be an issue for same sex couples and domestic partnerships as well. Obtaining a restraining order as soon as possible may be very important to your safety. As such, our firm assists victims of domestic violence in seeking restraining orders. On the reverse side, a frivolous restraining order obtained based on false allegations can significantly impact the alleged abuser's life. Our lawyers are also dedicated to helping those falsely accused of domestic violence to challenge their restraining orders and clear their name.

Contact a California same sex domestic violence attorney at Cleary & Green today for a free consultation.

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