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Nullity of Domestic Partnership

At Claery & Green, our experienced same sex advocacy attorneys can help you obtain a petition for judgment of nullity of domestic partnership.  Oftentimes, people will confuse nullity of a domestic partnership with dissolution or termination of domestic partnership, but it is important to know that these are two very different things.  Unlike a dissolution or termination of domestic partnership, which end the partnership, a nullity of domestic partnership declares it void from the very beginning.  If you think you may want to go this route as a way out of your domestic partnership, you should call our firm to schedule a consultation with lawyer immediately.

A petition for judgment of nullity of domestic partnership is the formal request by one partner to the Superior Court for the Court to declare the domestic partnership legally invalid. It is very similar to a petition for nullity of marriage (annulment). A Judgment of Nullity of Domestic Partnership issued by the court will void the domestic partnership and will restore both partners to the status of un-partnered persons. Among other things, it will decide the custody of any minor children of your domestic partnership, how your possessions and obligations will be divided, and if any support will be paid from one partner to the other.

Skilled Representation for Gay & Lesbian Couples in California

The requirements of a petition for nullity of domestic partnership can be difficult to prove and the overall process can be highly complex.  If you are interested in annulling your domestic partnership, you will need an attorney to make sure you meet requirements and to help you file the petition.  Without the proper legal knowledge and training, you will have a difficult time getting your domestic partnership annulled and the process may become costly and time consuming.  We strongly urge you to contact a lawyer at our firm to discuss your situation as soon as possible because there are time restrictions placed upon domestic partnership annulments in California.

Contact a California Domestic Partnership Attorney at Claery & Green today for help with nullity of domestic partnership!

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