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Estate Planning for Domestic Partners

At Claery & Green, our attorneys provide estate planning services to individuals and domestic partners throughout California.  Estate planning is a fundamental legal aspect of many people’s lives, including those individuals involved in same sex relationships.  If you are interested in preparing your estate with an effective will or trust, you should contact a California same sex advocacy attorney at our firm.  Our lawyers make it their goal to provide practical and effective solutions to gay and lesbian couples by applying their legal knowledge and expertise to each and every client.

Many individuals in California make the assumption that only wealthy people need estate planning.  This could not be further from the truth, and as your attorney will explain to you, estate planning is an important process for all people, regardless of age or financial status.  All domestic partners should have an estate plan, and there are tools and techniques that can be used to tailor a plan to suit each and every person’s specific needs.  After deciding to hire our firm to represent you and your domestic partner for estate planning, your attorney will address the lifetime goals of each individual with the purpose of enacting a plan that will protect and ensure your financial future.

An estate planning attorney from Claery & Green will not only help you and your domestic partner prepare wills and trusts, but will assist you with virtually any matter pertaining to estate planning.  This may mean helping you plan for retirement, preparing for any mental or physical disabilities that may affect your future, or planning for long term medical care if you or your partner ever become incapacitated because of illness or injury.   No matter what your specific needs may be, your California domestic partnership lawyer will carefully consider all facets of your situation to come up with an estate plan that will preserve and protect both you and your partner’s future.

For help with estate planning, contact a California Domestic Partnership Attorney at Claery & Green!

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