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Dissolution of Domestic Partnership

If you are interested in dissolving a registered same-sex domestic partnership in California, you should immediately contact a lawyer at our firm.  At Claery & Green, our family attorneys provide exceptional legal representation to gay and lesbian couples in California for a number of legal matters, including the dissolution of domestic partnerships.  Our same sex advocacy lawyers are very familiar with California’s domestic partnership laws and will help you work through the hard decisions that must be made during this time.  With the help of your dedicated attorney, you and your partner will be able to resolve disputes so that you can move beyond this difficult and emotional time.

Some situations involving the dissolution of domestic partnerships can be relatively simple and straight-forward, while others can get very complicated by things like children and real estate.  In situations where a couple has smaller amounts of community property & debt, and have been together for a time period of less than five years, the partners may be able to file a Notice of Termination form with the California Secretary of State.  Once this is done, the domestic partnership will then be dissolved, removing each partner’s legal responsibility to the other. 

Helping Gay and Lesbian Couples With Domestic Partnership Matters

If your domestic partnership is more complicated, your attorney will help you resolve whatever issues you may need help with, including property or asset division, child custody, child support, or visitation arrangements.  Regardless of your specific circumstances, a lawyer from our firm will help you work through any issues that may hinder the dissolution of your domestic partnership in an effort to facilitate the process so that you can begin to move forward with your life.

For more information about dissolution of domestic partnerships, contact a California domestic partnership Lawyer at Claery & Green!     

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