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Child Custody Disputes Between Domestic Partners

Attorneys Handling Custody & Visitation Issues for Gay and Lesbian Couples

It is unfortunate that a parent’s sexual orientation will affect things such as child custody and visitation, but this is a fact that many individuals have to deal with on a daily basis throughout California. At Claery & Green, our attorneys handle situations involving child custody and visitation for same sex couples as well as gay, lesbian & bisexual individuals in California. Child custody and visitation should be determined based upon the best interests of the child, not the sexual preference of the parents, and this is a concept our lawyers will fight hard to uphold.

Another issue frequently affecting specifically gay and lesbian couples is when two partners sharing custody of a child separate or terminate their domestic partnership. If you and your partner are considering separating or have already taken legal action to separate or dissolve your domestic partnership, a lawyer from our firm will help you with child custody and visitation arrangements. Gay or lesbian couples may have a shared child who is the biological child of either partner or who is adopted.  In either case, your attorney will work to help you and your partner come up with a custody or visitation arrangement that will suit everyone’s needs including the child’s.

One partner of a same-sex couple who has shared parenting responsibilities will need legal help to assert and protect their bond with a child when a relationship ends. The attorneys at our firm represent biological parents as well as non-biological parents in custody disputes between same sex partners.  For the non-biological same-sex partner who is a parental figure in a child's life, there is a very limited window of time in which to file a case for visitation or shared custody in California, so you should take immediate action if you want to have a chance at obtaining custody or visitation with your children.

Contact a California same sex advocacy attorney at Claery & Green today to discuss any issue you may be having regarding child custody or visitation!

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