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California Domestic Partnership Lawyers

Cohabitation Agreements

If you are thinking about moving in with your partner or are already living with your partner, a California domestic partnership attorney from Claery & Green can help you with a cohabitation agreement.  Gay and lesbian couples who live together tend to view their partners as family, but unfortunately the law does not.  Without the proper legal documents, same sex couples will not have rights in situations of break-ups or death, so the proper action must be taken to ensure things will be handled as you would want them to if the unexpected ever happens.

Cohabitation agreements define property rights and liability issues that exist in same sex relationships.  A cohabitation agreement will spell out the rights and obligations of each partner in an effort to eliminate uncertainty and gray areas.  In the event of a break-up or death, a cohabitation agreement will serve as legal proof of the way that things should be handled.  If you are living with your partner or are considering living with your partner, we highly suggest you speak with a California domestic partnership attorney about a cohabitation agreement.  As your lawyer will tell you, there are many potential benefits of having a cohabitation agreement.  A cohabitation agreement can:

  • Designate specific assets as individual property
  • Designate what property will be considered community property
  • Assign specific responsibilities and roles in the relationship
  • Establish roles for parenting responsibility and child custody
  • Legally acknowledge that a formal cohabitation relationship exists

California Cohabitation Agreement Attorneys for Gay and Lesbian Couples

A cohabitation agreement can be a great way for you and your partner to take action to protect your futures.  A lawyer from our firm will be happy to discuss a cohabitation agreement with you and your partner and they will provide you with expert advice and can address any concerns you or your partner may have regarding a cohabitation agreement.

Contact a California Domestic Partnership Attorney at Claery & Green today to discuss your cohabitation agreement!

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