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The firm is dedicated to providing relentless protection of clients’ rights Learn how the firm can assist you and your partner in the adoption process Learn more about violence in domestic partnerships
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Same Sex Domestic Violence
Termination of Domestic Partnership

Aggressive Advocacy

Claery & Green Is Dedicated To Providing Relentless Protection of Clients' Rights

Same sex couples face the same legal issues that heterosexual couples do – but the law can treat these issues differently. When there is any legal issue that must be addressed, it takes a great deal of skill and knowledge to ensure that your civil rights, parental rights and estate planning are handled by a firm that is an aggressive advocate for same sex couples. At Claery & Green, we are prepared to advocate for your interests and do everything possible to ensure you are fully protected under both California state law and federal laws that could impact your case.

Domestic Partnerships and Your Rights

As the State of California does not yet recognize same sex marriages, it is important that couples are legally protected through a domestic partnership. These partnerships are discussed in the California Family Code, §297. Same sex couples can have similar benefits if the legal matters involved are handled correctly. A domestic partnership could need to be terminated as well, similar to a divorce. Division of property and assets that were accrued during the term of the partnership will be split, and the final result for you will be largely based upon the quality and experience of your attorney. We are zealous advocates for our clients. Don't take any chances, get an attorney that is highly committed, aggressive and ready to go to bat for you in court.

Cohabitation Agreements and Legal Problems

When you share a home with your partner, you may consider that you are a family. Relationships develop, there are shared purchases, and it may not be clear that should there be a death or other issue, without legal protection you may have no rights at all. We advise gay and lesbian couples about how to protect themselves under these possible circumstances. For example, should your partner become ill or die, without proper filings, you could be forced to move out of a shared home, could lose many of your personal possessions, and would have no rights with regard to decisions about a funeral or other matter that you should have. In cases of illness, you could be restricted from going to visit your loved one, and may have absolutely no say in matters regarding care and treatment, even if this is what your partner would have wished. We help our clients get these matters resolved, and fight for their rights in any dispute, either in court or through the alternative dispute resolution process. We are aggressive in protecting our clients in violations of their rights.

Support and Custody

Even when all legal matters have been addressed correctly, many individuals need help to get a matter resolved in court. Should domestic violence have taken place, or if it is alleged that you were an abusive parent or partner, the situation can become extremely volatile, and the repercussions to your life and future can be extensive. We can help you fight for your rights, clear your name, protect your children and all other legal matters that could arise. We are aggressive advocates and ready to fight for you.

Get legal assistance from Claery & Green in all same sex legal issues.

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