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Areas of Practice Domestic Partnership
Cohabitation Agreements
Custody / Visitation
Dissolution of Domestic Partnership
Domestic Partner Adoption
Estate Planning for Domestic Partners
Legal Separation of Domestic Partners
Nullity of Domestic Partnership
Registration of Domestic Partnership
Same Sex Domestic Violence
Termination of Domestic Partnership

California Same Sex Domestic Advocacy Lawyers

Experienced Domestic Partnership Attorneys

Are you in a same sex relationship and ready to register for a domestic partnership? Do you need help understanding the legalities of same sex marriage? Perhaps you are already in a domestic partnership or same sex marriage but want to consider separation, divorce, or alternative ways to terminate your partnership?

At Claery & Hammond, LLP, our Los Angeles family law attorneys provide legal representation to same sex couples through California and for all varieties of reasons. Same sex marriage is still relatively new in the history of the country, and so many same sex couples do not fully understand their rights. We are here to make the process as easy as possible, explain everything thoroughly, and manage all aspects of a case that our clients would prefer not to need to handle themselves.

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Counsel for a Variety of Legal Concerns

An experienced domestic partnership lawyer from our firm can help you and your partner with a number of legal issues. If you experienced complications during your registration of domestic partnership, you need to take legal action to make sure you receive full protection under the law. Likewise, if you are looking to file for termination of domestic partnership or dissolution of domestic partnership, an attorney from our firm can assist you in taking the necessary actions to legally terminate your relationship so that you can move forward with your life. It is important that you do not confuse a dissolution or termination of a domestic partnership with a nullity. Nullity of domestic partnership declares the domestic partnership void from the beginning and can be a viable option for getting out of your domestic relationship. The legal separation of domestic partners can be a complex situation, especially when children and shared assets or property are involved. An attorney from our firm can help you determine custody & visitation rights.

We can also help you with same sex marriage concerns of similar natures. Although both same sex marriage and domestic partnerships are quite similar, there are still many legal differences to consider. There are also cases in which one couple first registers as domestic partners and then becomes married later without necessarily dropping the title of domestic partners. You can rely on our law firm to handle cases of this complicated nature.

If you and your domestic partner want to start planning for the future of your estate, our attorneys are also skilled at providing practical and effective solutions with estate planning for domestic partners and same sex couples. We can also assist you with issues concerning cohabitation agreements, domestic partner adoption or same sex domestic violence. All the while, we guarantee to provide you with caring legal representation that is specific to your situation.

Representing Gay and Lesbian Couples Throughout California

Gay, lesbian, and transgender advocacy is something our attorneys take to heart. Cleary & Hammond, LLP will handle your case in a sensitive and effective manner to achieve optimal results for your specific situation. With a skilled domestic partnership attorney or same sex marriage lawyer from our firm representing you, you will have exceptional legal guidance and moral support until the matter is correctly resolved.

Contact our firm today to discuss your options for same sex marriage, same sex divorce, or domestic partnership in California, no matter where you live.

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